From Booklist

“Murphy’s book is important in part simply because it is one of only a few that shed light on the little-known hazards of vaccination. (Vaccination is the term sometimes used instead of immunization, since, as Murphy shows, vaccines do not guarantee immunity from childhood diseases.) Many contain toxins, and some are known to cause injurious reactions—even death.

Despite or because of this disturbing evidence, most parents seem afraid to investigate the issue, and some are unaware of it. Then, too, there are those parents who decline to inoculate their children--- a controversial but conscious decision.

This book’s availability in libraries is critical. Murphy’s thoroughly researched and well-documented effort will, one hopes, make decisions about inoculations somewhat easier.

Murphy should especially be commended for emphasizing the development of natural immunities, such as occur when babies are breast-fed."
Jo Peer-Haas

From Library Journal

“ . . . .
Murphy has a definite bias against vaccination, which is evident throughout the book. Taking an anti-inoculation stance similar to Randall Neustaedter’s in The Immunization Decision he does not discuss the benefits of immunization.

While his book provides worthwhile information on its risks and possible adverse effects, concerned parents should also consult literature that addresses the positive aspects of immunization.

Recommended for collections providing information on alternative medicine or those attempting to provide comprehensive consumer health coverage.”
Mary J. Jarvis, Methodist Hospital, Medical Librarian, Lubbock, Texas.

From Update, New England Anti-Vivisection Society

“Jamie Murphy’s book offers a detailed, well researched critique of childhood immunizations, and it is a book that every parent with young children will want to read.

. . . . For animal advocates who need information on vaccines, vivisection and medical history at their fingertips, and of course for all parents who must contend with the decision whether or not to vaccinate their children, Mr. Murphy’s book is a well documented and insightful source on an important topic.”

Jon Schottland

From the Parkway and West Roxbury Transcripts (Boston,MA)

“In ‘What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization,’ Jamie Murphy charges that the risks of vaccination clearly outweigh the benefits and argues that proper nutrition and breast feeding are a safer and more reliable way to protect children from a variety of childhood diseases.”
Chris Bergeron, Staff Writer

"Parents who object to vaccinating their children against measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, German measles, mumps and other childhood diseases are always told “the benefits exceed the risks.” Jamie Murphy’s book shows that our authorities don’t really know what the risks are. So how can they estimate the benefits?

What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization will tell you much more about the risks than your pediatrician wants you to know. Now you can make up your own mind about exposing your child to this untested procedure.”
Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D., Medical historian, coauthor (with Barbara Loe Fisher) of DPT: A Shot in the Dark